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Bart LoPiccolo: guitar
Dave Plante: vocals

Eric Brosius: guitar

Greg LoPiccolo: bass

Paul Gallo: drums

After the breakup of seminal Boston-based art-pop band Tribe in the mid-90s, guitarist Eric Brosius and bassist Greg LoPiccolo took a long hiatus from band life to devote themselves to videogame development working on titles such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Bioshock.


Many years later, new music began to rise to the surface. Long-time friendships brought together guitarist Bart LoPiccolo (Scatterfield, Din, Eddie Japan), and drummer Paul Gallo (OldJack, Derangers) and new songs took shape - songs built from the tension and interplay of Bart’s and Eric’s 70s-inflected guitars combined with Paul’s complementary feel.  Equal parts craft and aggression, the Dark Wheels’ sound is rooted in the traditions of the 70s and 80s, but occupies a stylistic and emotional space that is all their own. An extended search for a singer finally payed off with the addition of Dave Plante (The Ward Eights), who brings range and power that holds its own amidst the Dark Wheels guitar storm. 


“V-Bomb” first appeared on Rock Band 4 in 2015.

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